A downloadable game for Windows

Armed with a bow and light arrows, shoot manifestations of the night, and restore the light inside the crystals. I challenged myself to make a game within a week and this is what I came up with, and I may work on this game more if this gets enough traction. 

Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

Install instructions

Run the installer then run the .exe file.


CasiaArrowBuild2.zip 21 MB

Development log


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Awesome creation!  I love a challenge of ones self.  It was awesome  to partake  in your challenge and play your game.  Can't wait to see more games or even levels on this game.  I too donated! 

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(I originally wrote this on Reddit)

WOW! Man that's a good game! I love using a bow and arrow. At first I thought the floaty jumping was bad design, but the design isn't one of a platformer. You can jump and use the time in the air to aim and shoot, it's actually good.

I love how aiming works and the time it takes to shoot an arrow. And I don't know if you've intended this, but man the jump scares. They don't seem intentional, I just get super focused at aiming while walking around, checking if it's safe. Then a monster jumps out of the bushes I freak out and aim all over the place.

I love your game. I came back and put 10$ on it. Consider motivational money, I really hope you keep working on the game or make a different version of it.


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I spent quite a bit of time tweaking with the player's mechanics, which is in my opinion THE most important part of a game. 

They were intentional, not in a scary way though. The entire design of the characters work around hiding and ambushing. 

Thanks for supporting! This project was really fun to do, and it seems others are interested. Definitely considering.